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Elai 2017 National Day and Mid Autumn Festival holiday notification

Dear company staffs;
               In 2017, the National Day and the Mid Autumn Festival are close to each other to celebrate the traditional festival of the Chinese nation. According to the actual situation of our company, we have decided to make the following arrangements for the 10.1 and Mid Autumn Festival holidays as follows:

1. National Day and Mid Autumn Festival holiday time: October  1st  to  8th, a total of 8 days off. Among them, October 1st - 3th (National Day) -October 4th (Mid Autumn Festival) for the national statutory holidays

2.Class arrangement: which on October 5th(Thursday) during October 1st  (Sunday), October 7th (Saturday) and  October 8th (Sunday) is two-day weekend. Office in Oct 21st (Saturday) to work, production line Sep 30th  (Staturday)
for normal work, for the unified replacement of October 6th (Friday), other times normal work.

3.Oct 1st and Mid Autumn Festival holidays: please all 
colleagues on October 9th (Monday) on time to the post, please arrange your colleagues related matters, itinerary.

4. Before the holiday, please departments to close the water and electricity, lock doors and windows, and so on, do a good job of security work

5. During the holidays to go out to play please pay attention to the weather changes, Caution!, beware of deception. 

Elai focus photoelectric food Lighting Group : 

Best regards,                                                                                                                                                              

Happy holidays for everybody!