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Elai photoelectric recruiting foreign trade salesman (basic salary + high commission + insurance + performance bonus)

Position: foreign trade salesman
Job orientation: head of foreign trade, visiting clients abroad and attending overseas exhibitions
1.. College degree or above, major in international trade or English, fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing, good communication, negotiation and negotiation skills in business english.
2., familiar with the official website marketing and B2B and other foreign trade platform operations, product release and update maintenance, to understand the rules of ranking; skilled operation of office office software.
3., skilled use of Internet tools such as search engines, good at communication, active thinking, good oral expression ability, able to develop customers independently.
3. familiar with the process of foreign trade, good at dealing with customer inquiries, have a certain ability to open up the market, with strong organization and coordination, communication, contingency and business negotiation ability
4., more than one year LED lamp foreign trade sales experience is preferred.
5., responsible, dedicated, hardworking, able to withstand greater pressure, have a strong sense of self-management and perseverance, never give up the spirit.
Job responsibilities:
1, the use of the company‘s official website, Baidu, Google and other social promotion platform, develop overseas market customers, maintenance of foreign customers;
2, export order tracking, delivery, logistics tracking, maintain good customer;
3, the quality of goods delivery, tracking monitoring, timely processing of related issues;
4. Feedback guest orders in time;
Company benefits:
1.1-2 months probation period, the expiration of the purchase of employee social security.
2. basic 3.5K~4K, 2.5~5 percentage points, prominent ability, salary negotiable.
3. employee‘s birthday party will be held every quarter.
4., the company does not regularly carry out outdoor tourism activities
5., traditional holiday gifts
6. companies provide accommodation, not to eat for the time being
7. outstanding performance, the company has quarterly and annual awards
Business hours: 8:30~12:00 a.m.
            Afternoon: 13:30~18:00
Weekend: size week