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The Double Ninth Festival of outdoor barbecue in Autumn of 2017

For  Elai, always adhere to the people-oriented, employees are always regarded as the core force of the development of the company, tourism activities are fully affirmed the company to all my colleagues to work hard, but also deep concern for all my colleagues in the company, pay attention to organize all Tongren travel activities, very large extent enhance the Tongren between happiness and enhance the company cohesion, provides a good opportunity and platform for various departments of the company to contact the feelings, but also for all my colleagues in the future can be better put to work has played a positive role in promoting!
Autumn in October, the wind to find autumn, looking for delicious. Certainly, beer and barbecue with more nice! What happens when the Double Ninth Festival meets the weekend?
Travel choice beautiful Lantau Peak tour, because its hill is not high, Xian Zeling, the Double Ninth Festival is a traditional festival of foresight, burn incense and pray faith is ingrained. Elai people not only adhering to the belief, more adhere to the belief, the pursuit of excellence, Refine on, only for more nice  lamps and lanterns. Elai  people focus on food lighting, more understanding of work and rest, happy life, happy work!
The success of the barbecue outdoor activities, can not do without Shenzhen Elai lighting Co., Ltd. all colleagues of active cooperation and strong support, journey is full, harvest is full, tired but happy!