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The Nineteenth of CHINASHOP 2017 - Chongqing Railway Station!

In November 2nd, 2017, the nineteenth of China retail fair was officially opened in Chongqing International Expo Center (CHINASHOP 2017).

After nineteen years of baptism, CHINASHOP has developed into a major exhibition in the industry. In 2017, the total area of the exhibition exceeded 90000 square meters for the first time. This exhibition lasts for three days, since from November 2nd to 4th, nearly 800 exhibitors, from retail facilities and equipment, IT technology, commercial design, cold chain logistics and specialty goods five plates, more than 100000 exhibits at the same time on the spot. This year coincides with the China Franchise Association was founded in 20th anniversary, the retail industry leaders Association, and tens of thousands of people gathered in the retail together to celebrate the annual feast. How can the "Elai people" miss this event? Chongqing Railway Station - we‘re coming! 


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