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How to choose LED lamp in shopping mall

Large shopping malls, supermarkets, as one of the largest flow of consumer sites, lighting applications for the effect is relatively high. But with the LED lighting technology continues to improve, the energy-saving effect is also rising, the price has been reduced, many stores have started slowly LED energy-saving lamps, LED lamps, LED energy saving energy saving downlight. We have some energy-saving brands: WAL-MART, Suning, Hualian, rainbow and other international and domestic brands, these brands of energy-saving after year will save more than 60% electricity companies.

The fluorescent lamp as a major shopping malls supermarkets most used a lighting, shopping malls supermarkets will be how to choose a LED fluorescent lamp with high quality and low price to replace the old-fashioned fluorescent, first of all you need to know about the basic parameters of the ordinary fluorescent lamp.

1. Specifications for fluorescent lamps:
At present, ordinary fluorescent lamps are commonly used specifications T5, T8, T10

2 "general fluorescent lamp international indication method: T size."
"T" stands for "tube", which means "pipe". The figure behind "T" indicates the diameter of the tube. T8 is 8 T, one T stands for 1/8 inches, and T8 is just one inch
, one inch is equal to 25.4 mm, 25.4 / 8=3.175MM.

T5 is the diameter of the tube is 5 * (25.4 / 8) =15.875MM

T8 is the diameter of the tube is 8 * (25.4 / 8) =25.4MM

T10 is the diameter of the tube is 10 * (25.4 / 8) =31.75MM

Elai  focus photoelectric supermarket, freezer, freezer, three terminal food lighting, products have bar  light , fluorescent lamp, waterproof tube, fresh chandelier, track lights and so on

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