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How to select the color rendering index of lighting for supermarket lighting

        With the continuous subdivision of LED applications, a variety of lighting fixtures are also moving towards more and more professional direction to develop.For example, landscape lighting, intelligent lighting, plant lighting, health lighting, supermarket lighting and so on.Lighting in different fields has different needs and choices for various parameters of lamps and lanterns. So today I would like to share with you some links between the color index of lamps and lighting needs of supermarkets.

        The so-called color rendering index refers to the percentages of the object‘s feeling under the light source and the authenticity of the feeling under the re-sunlight, that is, the light‘s ability to restore the color of the illuminated object.Light sources with high color rendering index are more realistic to color, and the objects presented by eyes are closer to the natural flavor.

        The color rendering index contains 15 colors,R1 to R15,they are R1: pale gray red , R2: dark gray yellow, R3: saturated yellow green,  R4: medium yellow green,  R5: pale blue,  R6: pale blue , R7: lavender blue,  R8: pale red purple,  R9: saturated red , R10 saturated yellow,  R11 saturated green,  R12 saturated blue,  R13 white human skin color,  R14 leaf green,  R15 yellow Kind of skin color.We usually say that the color rendering index Ra is the average of the first 8 colors.The first 8 colors are also called regular colors, which are carried by every LED lamp.And R9 to R15 is a deep saturation color, which can highlight the color added to objects.

        In view of the color index of LED lamp has the above characteristics, so the supermarket lighting design should be based on the lighting needs of different areas is to choose different lighting indicators.

        Meat area lighting
        Fresh and tender pork beef is suitable for irradiating with pink light,add R9 saturated red color to the color index, the color will be more bright red, make meat look clear, fresh and tender.

        Baking food area
        Bake foods are suitable for golden lamplight illumination,select the R10 saturation yellow light on the luminaire.Under the golden yellow light, baked food looks delicious and attractive.

        Green fruit and vegetable area
       Green is the theme of regional lighting for fruits and vegetables,add R11 saturated green to the lighting color, make fruits and vegetables look greener, more fresh and green.

        Aquatic seafood area
        Aquatic products and seafood products give people a natural sense of cool colors, therefore, R12 blue should be added in the cold white light when choosing lighting fixtures.Aquatic seafood products are brighter and brighter when they are exposed to the bluish white light, and arouse people‘s desire to buy.

      Elai Lighting is a high-tech enterprise focusing on food lighting and food health,and has been studied in depth about the relationship between luminaire color temperature and color rendering index and food lighting,and developed a series of lighting products that suitable for supermarket lighting.Details can be entered into the company‘s official website: 
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