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LED lighting needs and design analysis in different regions of supermarkets

        With the continuous development of LED lighting technology,its advantages such as energy saving, long life and environmental protection are more and more accepted by people,In application, it is also constantly deepening and subdividing.In recent years, supermarket lighting has become one of the most mature and fastest growing fields of LED application.

        The purpose of supermarket lighting is mainly to provide suitable lighting and illumination, color temperature, color rendering and brightness changes for different commodities and regions,attracting consumers‘ interest through “commodity visualization”,communicate with customers with silent language,convey product information, service concept and brand culture to customers,so that can achieve the goal of promoting commodity sales, reducing inventories and establishing brand image.
        At present, the main lamps and light sources used in supermarket lighting include compact energy-saving lamp barrel lamp and T5/T8 fluorescent lamp, track lamp, line lamp, Pendant lamp, grille lamp and metal halide lamp.According to the different areas and the different irradiated products, the optional lamps and light sources can be selected.
       (1) fruit, vegetable and fresh flowers.
        Fresh produce and flowers have the most vivid colors,the pure white lighting effect can directly reflect the green and fragrant red.CCT 3000K for red, yellow and other dark fruits and vegetables,CCT4500-5500K for light green coloured vegetables,color rendering is more than 80.LED has a wide color temperature range,it can restore the most brilliant and vivid colors of objects,increasing customers‘ desire to buy,strengthen the circulation and preservation of goods.

        (2) meat and poultry
        Fresh and high-quality meat and poultry products must look clean and hygienic.Light pink makes meat look fresher.Balanced lighting with more tonal colors can make meat and poultry look fresh and alluring.More LED light sources with low color temperature and red spectral components,it can not only increase the color rendering effect of meat,but also infrared heat radiation is less,and helps to achieve longer storage and preservation.

        (3) marine food
        Fresh, high-quality fish and marine areas should be treated with cool lighting that is different from other commodity areas.The cold white lighting effect is easy for consumers to associate with clear seawater,and can make seafood look have a feeling of freshness that just fished from the sea.Use the  LED light sources with high color temperature and blue spectral components,not only can it increase the color rendering effect, but also has less infrared heat radiation, which is conducive to long-term storage and preservation.

        (4) roast fried foods
        Warm-colored lighting makes yellow baked goods look more delicious and tempting, gives us a sense of freshness.The soft yellowish lighting effect makes people feel the warm feeling and attractive smell of cooked cakes.The use of the same soft, warm lighting on the shelves can further improve the overall visual effect.