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LED bar light

0.9m B9 Horizontal Refrigerator Bar Light

Categories:  LED Bar Lights     
Model:         EL-PB94-F     
Dimension:  900mm
Material:      PC     
Wattage :    12W    
Input Voltage:     AC100-240V     
Emitting Color:   Pink 2700-7000K   
Cover:                Milky/Clear            
FOB port :          Shenzhen any port     
Terms of Payment:       L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram, paypal

  • 0.9m B9 Horizontal Refrigerator Bar Light 

    Product features

    1)  Energy-savingThe high power LED as light source, 80% energy saving than incandescent.
    2)  Environmental Protectiondoes not contain mercury, lead and hazardous substances, no environmental pollution, no infrared and ultraviolet to avoid harm to the human body, its green lighting products.
    3)  Long lifespan: The life of up to 50,000 hours or more.
    4)  The use of low power and high transmittance LED component, uniform heat dissipation.
    5)  Input voltage is AC100-240V 50/60HZ
    6Transparent AB glue for waterproofing of lamps and lanternsProtection grade IP64
    7The back magnet is installed, convenient, fast and stable.

    Note Description 

     1 Input voltage is AC 100-240V or 180-240Vbefore installation, please confirm whether the local voltage is in line with the product.

                   2All of the above test data are within the specified range of input voltage and rated output, the   working environment temperature of 25℃, humidity less than 85%, the emitting angle of 120degrees under the conditions of the test to obtain..

                  3Note that the protection level of this product is IP65, which can be used in occasions where fog and water vapor will be generated.

       4Checking the voltage, current compliance requirements; please do not disassemble product without authorized.

       5Open the package and check the appearance is intact. If there is any damage, please contact the factory immediately.

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